Your donation helps fund the continued research of Multiple Sclerosis.

Welcome to the party! We're benefitting MS Society of Canada!

MS Toga Party is an online charity event hosted by Gamers Giving Back. Learn about Multiple Sclerosis, learn how we can support loved ones, and participate for a chance at awesome prizes. Join us for a good cause on May 11, 2019 at 12 PM to 4 PM CDT.

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What is MS? "Multiple sclerosis is an unpredictable, sometimes disabling disease of the central nervous system. MS causes unpredictable symptoms such as lack of coordination, weakness, vision problems, and cognitive impairment, making life with MS uncertain." -

The Goal is to raise awareness and support for those who are affected by Multiple Sclerosis. Online video games give us a unique opportunity to fundraise on an international level and through Gamers Giving Back, we're supporting the search for understanding the causes, and finding a cure.

Hey, listen!

We will be on GW-EN Radio talking about MS, running prize contests, and playing awesome music. Tune in directly to the radio or join live coverage of the event on Twitch.TV.

You're invited

We need a party to help spread awareness about MS. Join the activities in Guild Wars 2, in the center of Divinity's Reach. The core game is free and everyone is welcome!

To the cause

Your donation goes directly to MS Society of Canada, and then to the world. You're sponsoring a MS Walk for charity and a growing party that shows gamers at their very best - fighting for the world.

Volunteer Meeting Saturday, April 27th

If you would like to get involved with Toga Party, join us on the Volunteer Meeting!

No credentials or prior in-game commanding experience is required. All volunteers are welcome! You can also join us if you're simply interested in more details about the event!

This meeting is for both EU and NA!

  • April 27th
  • 12 PM CDT / 19:00 CEST
  • Teamspeak: (password: franticzebra)

Grape Stomp! Saturday, April 20th

Grape Stomp 2019 logo

Before Toga Party, prepare the wine. We invite all gamers to join us April 20th in Guild Wars 2's Silverwastes to "farm all the things". We encourage you to donate some of the loot, to make Toga Party that much better!

We will run as a group to defend the Silverwastes forts, building up Magic Find bonus, before breaking out the shovels to dig shinies! Tune into GW-EN Radio, where we'll deliver you the music to stomp along to and terrible jokes.

Early birds and latecomers are welcome. Check the starting time for your server region.

EU server

9:00-22:00 CEST
[NEWS] The Kyrtan Herald Guild

NA server

12 PM - 3 PM CDT
[Sol] Sovereign of Lords
Server: Password: franticzebra

More Ways to Support

Volunteers from all walks of life join our cause. We appreciate every bit of energy you spend to let others know you're thinking about MS. Tell a friend an interesting fact about MS today. Make a new friend at our online party. Share a photo of your favorite white or orange shirt. MS is a disease, but it also brings us together to do great things. Thank you so much.

#Toga19 #endms

Get on social media and let friends know that you're a participant of MS Toga Party. This year's official hashtag for the event is #toga19. Add in a #endMS to let others know you're supporting the research in the best way you can! We'll also be watching and sharing your posts!

Toga Party

Toga Party originally started out as just a collection of friends coming together in Guild Wars 1 to raise awareness about MS.

Since then, it has become more than just an awareness-raising event, but a full-blown fundraiser, and grown into a massive international event organised across several servers in Guild Wars 2 by several hosts, on both EU and NA, all connected with a single purpose - to change the world for the better!

This year will be no different! Come join us on May 11th for tons of fun, unique events, cool prizes, legendary giveaways, and of course, to raise some funds for MS research!

Gamers Giving Back

All our fundraising events started from humble beginnings, with just a collection of friends coming together in Guild Wars 1 to raise awareness for important causes.

With each passing year, that collection of friends grew larger and larger, eventually creating the Gamers Giving Back community! As our community grew, so did our reach across Guild Wars and beyond, spanning both NA and EU servers, as well as occasionally even reaching other video games!

Now, we organise three main fundraisers each year - Toga Party for MS in Spring, Tyria Pride in Summer, and Pink Day in LA for cancer research in Autumn, as well as highlight and support tons of other cool fundraisers and activities throughout the year!

Our goal is to show the world that video games can be an amazing source of good, and that together, we can make a better future!

What is the MS Toga Party?

In short, Toga Party for MS is a charity fundraiser for Multiple Sclerosis care and research, happening on both EU & NA servers in GW2, with a 10-year history going back to GW1!

The event will be on Saturday, May 11, at 12 PM CDT / 19:00 CEST, with hours of fun events and activities, cool prizes, and on-air legendary giveaways!

You can drop in at any time during the event to hang out or join the next activity, or you can stick around throughout the entire event for maximum fun & prizes!

How to join?

To join the event, keep an eye out on LFG, or join by connecting to one of the hosts' voice platforms, where they'll help you get into the right map!

Since the Toga Party happens simultaneously on EU and NA, EU hosts might organise some pre-events or other activities to compensate for the evening start, so keep an eye out for any afternoon events!

Host information will be announced here after the final volunteer meeting on April 27th!


The activities during the event will be taking place in Divinity's Reach, as well as certain starter areas. Our coordinators will be leading the event in squad chat as well as in voice, and regularly communicating any necessary info in other chat channels!

Participation is open to everyone, including free-to-play and low-level players, and there are no specific prerequisites!

Balloon Brawl
What better way to celebrate the onset of warm temperatures than to have a fun water balloon fight? The Balloon Brawl is a fun free-for all battle that anyone can participate in!

Tonic Race
The Tonic Race will test your racing skill on equal footing - no mounts, no special abilities, just you, transformed into something adorable, and the wide open world! Note that tonics will be provided!

Fashion Wars
Our longest-running event, Fashion Wars is truly an all-time favorite. Bring your best, most original, creative, dramatic, or fun looks to the runway, and please the judges! This year's theme: Orange is the New Black!

Scavenger Hunt
The Scavenger Hunt tests your speed as well as your wit! Participants will receive a number of hints about various locations, people, or indeed objects that they must locate, and then it's just a matter of piecing it all together!

And many more!

In addition to the four main events, there will also be a plethora of smaller, fun activities, on-air prize giveaways, and other fun events and mini-games!

We hope to see you there!

In-game Prizes

Participating in the MS Toga Party events can get you a ton of cool in-game loot! From precious crafting materials, to Black Lion Skins and even Legendaries, you can leave the event a whole lot shinier than you joined it!

There will also be on-air giveaways during the fundraising event, so you can win stuff by just attending the event!

If you'd like to support the event and donate any in-game prizes, please contact Yailith.4056!

Physical Prizes

In addition to in-game prizes, those who support the fundraiser can also receive actual real life prizes! Every year, we get a box of shinies from ArenaNet to give away, in addition to some cool stuff given to us by other amazing and generous sponsors, or just things sent to us by really cool dedicated people that are part of the Gamers Giving Back community!

If you'd like to support the event by donating any physical prizes, also please contact Yailith.4056 to arrange the details and shipping logistics!

The following is an early sneak peek at a few prizes we have with more come!

  • 6 of 1 month subscriptions to Lootcrate
  • 3 Path of Fire Drawstring Backpacks
  • 1 Charr Plush
  • 2 Path of Fire Lanyards
  • 3 Pairs of Guild Wars 2 Postcards
  • 1 Scarlet Briar T-Shirt


The main cause of our event is to raise funds for Multiple Sclerosis research, so one of the most important ways to help is to support and donate to the official Toga Party fundraiser!

If you're unable to donate, that's ok! Another way you can help is by donating in-game prizes! With those in-game prizes, we can incentivise more people to join our events and support the fundraiser!

For more information about prizes, check out the prizes.

Spread the word!

One of the ways everyone can help out is by spreading the word about the event to their friends and guildies, and giving us a shoutout on social media! Share the love! When commanding in-game, mention you're looking forward to the Toga event! When you see a reddit or forum post about one of our events, something as simple as popping it an upvote and commenting can help highlight our cause a ton!

The more people we can reach, the more we can spread the word about the super important cause we're fundraising for!

Organise pre-events

If you're part of an event-running guild or community, or even if you're just a very ambitious commander, one of the best ways you can help out is by doing some events in-game to spread awareness about the event, or even raise some in-game prizes to donate to our prize pool! As most of us organising the event don't really get to play much in the weeks leading up to the main event, these are greatly appreciated!

Let us know if you're doing an event like this, and we can give your event a shoutout on our social media, and even give you some useful info points to share at your event!

Become a Volunteer

Our events don't run themselves, and we need as many people as are willing to offer their help to organise and run our various events and activities! From event coordinators to judges and mailing assistants, our volunteers are the backbone of all GGB events!

You don't need any prior commanding experience to become a volunteer. All that's needed is the desire to help!

Become a Host

If you're not content just volunteering for an event, you can always do one better and host one of our events with your own guild or community! Take control of the full organisation of one of our events, such as the Toga Party or Pink Day in LA! We're always looking for more hosts, to cover as many megaservers as possible!

You can use your own voice platform (Discord or Teamspeak), or you can use a GGB-affiliated one, where you'll be given all the necessary powers and permissions to host the event!

Join the Team

If you want to help out with more than just the events, and are interested in joining the GGB team, or have some ideas for how we could improve our events and organisation? There might just be a place for you!

We're always looking for talented artists, event managers, web developers, and more! Are you a social media guru? Want to help us take the world by storm? Let us know!

If you are interested in getting involved as a volunteer, host, or in any other way, contact AngelWriter.3652 [NA] or Lelling.6795 [EU], or join the GGB discord and contact us there directly!

The Hall of Heroes recognizes those who have donated 10 gold or more towards Toga Party prizes and efforts. Note that this is different than donating to the MS Society of Canada - the fine folks listed here are the ones to send your thanks to for the prizes you can receive both in-game or IRL, or are responsible for helping us keep the machine running!

Any donators who donate in-game prizes valued 10 gold or more, those who donate physical prizes, or volunteer to assist with the event, will be listed here!

For prize donations, please contact Yailith.4056 - if you wish to send in-game gold, please consider converting it to something like ectos or other crafting materials, due to weekly gold restrictions.

If you wish to volunteer to help out with the event, contact AngelWriter.3652 [NA] or Lelling.6795 [EU], or join the GGB discord and contact us there directly!

  • Ayin
  • Opide
  • Hypnotron
  • Malchemist
  • Mekana
  • SinOfAnubis
  • Pet
  • Moey
  • Bame
  • Hmed10
  • Mystrious Poetjuh
  • FusedflameJr
  • The5thViking
  • MepTech
  • Forsale18
  • Ellsy

EU Volunteers

  • Lelling.6795
  • Viridian.6015
  • Ehxagun.1320
  • Ellyxina.5023
  • Kalinunil.4958
  • woodshield.3421
  • Atreyu.4920
  • The Fool.1439
  • Percy Jackson.2746

NA Volunteers

  • AngelWriter.3652 (Angel)
  • CherryAce.2493 (Atra [Sol])
  • aidenoconner.7981 (Rylo [Sol] & [Sol])
  • Malcynth.9326 (Malchemist)
  • DDK.3468 (Saint [Sol])
  • Sapphire Artemis.3062 (Kari [Sol])
  • Remaran.2963 (Ashara [Sol])
  • Malibu Barbie (Yailith.4056) (Radio)
  • @Peter_Chan (web developer)
  • Children of the Sun (Sol)
  • Darthawe.1267 - Queen Bee donator, you rock!
  • Players vs. Events(PVE) Community
  • Bame
  • Felix.8340 (Gygrax)
  • Lilanne Ferts
  • Legendary Moey
  • Atreyu.4920
  • Dazlin Faythark
  • jewelss.1742
  • mysterious poetjuh.8273
  • Talithan Heartwood.1924
  • Jalinar
  • Einar Kai
  • Xylia Thex
  • Hsudeus
  • Cancer Fightin Norn
  • WickedNite.7915
  • darkie.3172
  • Detz Tsu
  • Rengyr Sylver
  • Gallifrayan Lord

Why the MS Society of Canada?

The MS Society of Canada in hugely transparent in where their donations go, and are thus a trusted charity. Canada is one of the countries where MS is most common, so they are also a leader in MS research.

Where do my donation funds go?

GGB has elected for all funds donated to be used for International Research Grants. This means that the funds are delivered to researchers worldwide, and don't just stay in Canada!

What is Gamers Giving Back?

GGB is a non-profit organisation that formed years ago in Guild Wars 1, with the aim of making a difference in the world by raising awareness and funds for charitable causes! Over the years, we've grown and expanded to include both NA and EU in GW2, and hold fundraisers for multiple sclerosis, cancer research, and to further the cause of human rights!

How much money does GGB get out of this?

None! The fundraiser goes directly to the MS Society of Canada. All GGB organisers, volunteers, events and prizes are a result of amazing people coming together for a good cause!

How can I get involved?

Check out the info on how to help out the event here.

Why aren't you fundraising for ?

The fundraisers we chose happened more or less spontaneously, either as something close to our hearts, or for some other reason, and have evolved into these large events over time!

We work hard all year round to bring the three fundraiser events (and all their pre-events and the fundraising, which takes months to get ready) to life, and if we could add more to our repertoire we would! We do as much as we can with the people we have, but we're always looking for more volunteers and people interested in more events!

If you have a fundraising event, contact with us, we'll be happy to share it on our social media!

Contact information:

If you have any questions and you'd like to get in touch with us in-game in GW2, contact AngelWriter.3652 (NA) or Lelling.6795 (EU). For issues concerning prizes or donations, contact Yailith.4056. If we're not online, feel free to send us an in-game mail!

Otherwise, you can also always contact us on our social media or on discord.